• FCRA Disclosure Regarding Account Information

    From time to time, Citizens Finance of Tuscaloosa, Inc. ("Creditor") may share information about me with its affiliates.  I may prohibit your doing so except for information pertaining solely to transactions or experiences between Creditor and me by providing written notice to Creditor.  Such notice will include my account/loan number, name of account holder, address, and telephone number; and will be sent to:

    FCRA Compliance Department
    505 Hargrove Road East

    Suite 20
    Tuscaloosa, 35401

    Further, if I believe that any information relating to me held by Creditor is inaccurate, I will notify Creditor of the specific information that is inaccurate at the above address.

    Consent and Authorization:

    The information that I have stated in this Application is complete and correct, and no material debts have been omitted.  I acknowledge that Creditor is relying upon the complete accuracy of the information submitted, and that false or misleading information constitutes an attempt to defraud Creditor. I hereby authorize Creditor to obtain, verify and confirm any information about me, or my credit and employment history, or such other information as Creditor may require concerning the statements made in this Application, from credit reporting agencies, directly from my creditors, my landlord or other business or individuals, and my current or former employers.  

    I hereby authorize and consent to any third party’s releasing such information to Creditor.  This authorization includes but is not limited to Creditor’s contacting non affiliated finance companies

    that may be listed on the Application or credit report for the purposes of inquiring about previous extensions of or applications for credit.

    I additionally authorize Creditor to answer questions from my present or potential creditors about Creditor’s experience with me, or from others whom I may have authorized to receive such information.